Christina Salem is from Oklahoma City. Her home parish is St. Elijah in Oklahoma City. Her favorite color is orange and she very passionate about her friends and family. When Christina isn't at the temple she enjoys putting smiles on other peoples faces, as one of our only returning officer she's super excited to serve everyone for another year as president!

Vice President

Anna Mosley is from Wichita, Kansas and attends St George Cathedral. She is a senior at Trinity Academy in Wichita and her favorite color is "cocoa dolce blue". She's very passionate about helping people and Anna is known for being the perfect helping hand! When she's not at SOYO events, she's with her family and of course her very cute dogs! Anna is ecstatic to be back for another year of leadership!


Danielle Semine is the Treasurer for DOWAMA. She lives in Houston, Texas and currently attends Saint George. She goes to Texas Tech University High School, and loves the color yellow. She's passionate about seeing teens develop a relationship with Christ and finding a community that supports them. When she's not at church she loves reading, dancing and listening to music! If you ever need a book recommendation or a good playlist, you know who to call!


Isabel Lewis is from Dallas Texas. She attends St Constantine and Hellen and is currently a junior at Richardson High School. Matching with Danielle her favorite color is also yellow! She's very passionate about cross country and is an avid runner. When she's outside of SOYO she's cooking or playing games with her grandparents. Isabel is super excited to be this years DOWAMA Secretary!

Media Coordinator

Zyada Mekonnen is the DOWAMA Media Coordinator. She is from Wichita, Kansas and attends St George Cathedral. She is currently a senior at Andover Central High School (go jags!!) and her favorite color is sage. She is insanely passionate about connecting to people and will often go out of her way to make a new friend. When she's not at church you can find her on the field marching with the band as the clarinet section leader! She is so excited to help DOWAMA as much as she can!

Youth Advisor

Chris Al-Dehneh lives in Houston, TX and attends Saint George. He is the Diocese youth director as well as the local parish youth director. His favorite color is blue, and he is most passionate about Camp Saint Raphael (yaboy!). The summer camp was very important in building friendships and he loves how close it brings the youth to church. If you haven't been this is for sure the year to change that. When he's not at church he finds loves doing board games, building LEGOs and is an avid sports fan (i.e. college football)

Spiritural Advisor

Fr. Kosmas will be DOWAMA's new spiritual advisor. He is trilled to be apart of the DOWAMA Board and is delighted to answer any questions you may have! His favorite color is Hunter Green and to no ones surprise he is most passionate about ... CHURCH! When he is outside of church he finds joy in hiking with his wife, reading, Nature Photography, and 'attempting' to garden.